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Ten Top Winner Tickets each $77,777



Raffle Dollar Value in Bitcoin payment

Crazy7's Multi-Mllion Dollar Raffle is uniquely designed.  It continuously pays a partial amount out to winning numbers, as the Raffle Membership grows. The balance stays in the Raffle to fill the "pot". Winning tickets will stay in the Raffle for each new drawings.  Therefore every ticket could win multiple times.

Raffle drawings are taken place for every 100 tickets are sold

Every 100 tickets sold   - 1 winner $77, 17 winners $17
total payout $3,660.000 for 180,000 winners

Every 1.000 tickets sold      - 1 winner $777
total payout $777,000 for 1,000 winners

Every 10,000 tickets sold    - 1 winner $7,777
total payout $777,700 for 100 winner

Every 100,000 tickets sold  - 1 winner $77,777
total payout $777,770 for 10 winners

1,000 Random Drawings  with $777 winning per ticket
total payout $777,000 for 1,000 winners


There will be over 12,000 Drawings with over 180,000 winners. All tickets will stay in the drawing until the final draw.

Drawings are completed after each hundred or a thousand Tickets have been sold and payments processed (see drawing/winning details). Even so the Raffle values are shown in Dollar value, all purchases and payouts for winning are converted into Bitcoin or selected crypto currency. Dollar numbers are only used for calculation and easier understanding.


How to get Tickets

How to get Tickets

How it works

1. Complete the Raffle Ticket registration form, and submit.

2. IMPORTANT: Enter ANY 6 digit number (EX: 729450 - write it down and keep it safe)
Your selected Raffle number(s) will stay with you through all drawings (over 12,000 drawings) until all Raffle Tickets are sold.

3. Confirm your registration email. Thereafter, you will receive a confirmation email that your Raffle Ticket number with email address and your name have been recorded.

4. Complete payment in BTC, selected Coin, or PayPal.

5. You can purchase 1, 3, 5 or 10 Raffle tickets.
Due to time zone differences, it may happen that a payment is pending, and payment confirmation email could be delayed. However, any overnight payments will be confirmed next morning.

6. When payment is received, your Raffle Ticket(s) will be active. You are not limited to one order. Enhance your opportunity to hit the jackpot. Just start again and buy as many numbers as you like. You can use your same email address.

7. Super Benefit: As a Ticket holder with Crazy7 you receive a Lifetime FREE entry into a Casino website with the opportunity to win monthly rewards in crypto coins. Check it out CryptoCasino




Total transparency to be a Winner

Every Raffle drawing will be concluded when the number of sold tickets reach the next milestone. During first one thousand a drawing takes place every 100 tickets sold, thereafter with every 1,000 tickets sold or every 100, depending on timely intervals.
The winning number is taken from the website "Cryptocompare" with the Bitcoin listing in US-Dollar (see example). The listing for all traded coins changes constantly.

We will take a screenshot and publish it, as well as list all winners on a "Winner Page". Winners will receive an email informing you of your winning. At that time you MUST send us a Bitcoin wallet ID to receive your btc. Just follow this link Cryptocompare.

Example image: First hundred tickets sold winning number will be last 2 digits, read right to left 79.
Sold tickets 100 to 999 will be last 3 numbers, read right to left 797.
Sold tickets 1000 to 9999 will be last 4 numbers, read right to left 7979.
Sold tickets 10,000 to 99.999 will be last 5 numbers, right to left 79798.
Sold tickets 100,000 to 999.999 will be 6 numbers, right to left 797986

If a winning number was not purchased, then the closest higher or lower number will receive the main amount and the next closest numbers higher and lower will receive remaining amounts.

This guarantees that every ticket can win. The BTC price changes every minute, therefore, with 0 to 9 all number combination are possible (a winning number can start with a 0, if BTC price ends with $xxxx.20.) If time allows we would conduct drawings with every 100 Raffle tickets are sold, this would be over 10,000 drawings. Every ticket will stay in the draws until all sold.

Please be aware, this Raffle will last several years, so keep your numbers safe. When several tickets have the same winning number, the winning amount will be divided.

Watch us in action!

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Another example

Register your Tickets

Register your Tickets

Complete information below and use your best email address.

Enter your desired 6-digit number(s). You can order up to ten different Raffle numbers.  Remember, the winning numbers are taken in reversed order, from right to left.

After submission, you will receive a confirmation email (check your spam folder and whitelist our address).

Complete your payment now, selecting the button for your amount of tickets you registered.

Payment Options

Payment Options

Select your payment option for 1 Raffle Ticket, for 3, 5 or 10 tickets

Select this button to purchase 1 Ticket $7

Select this button to purchase 3 Tickets $21

Select this button to purchase 5 Tickets $35

Select this button to purchase 10 Tickets $70
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